My Canon R5 Test

I have been thinking about switching to a mirrorless camera system in the near future. I have heard and read so many good things about them lately.  There are many great reviews out there with glowing reports on the autofocus abilities of both the Canon and Sony systems. But nobody ever tests these cameras on their abilities to do long exposures in the heat.

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Photographing the Milky Way

I have always liked astronomy.  In fact, my  interest in photography and astronomy go hand in hand. When I a senior in high school I took a science class that was half the year photography and half the year astronomy. That class changed my life. I stayed in touch with my high school teacher until he passed away several years ago...

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Podacst on "Tamron Recipes"

Check out my interview on "Tamron Recipes: Great Chefs in Photography." 

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Unexpected success

...I started down river early, doing my morning Facebook Live session. If you don’t follow my private page on Facebook, Lewis Kemper, you may not get notices when I go live. Every morning I go out kayaking I start off with a 5-15 minutes ride down the river live on Facebook. There wasn’t a lot to share that morning, but near the end I observed a lone otter swimming upstream. I mentioned that I could not possibly follow it since I was paddling with one hand while holding the phone for the Facebook Live in my other hand. It seemed like it was going to be a low yield day.

...I noticed some movement on a log up ahead and saw it was the single otter hauling a salmon up on the log for breakfast. Fortunately for me the log is at a spot in the river that is like a small bay with very little current. I was able to make some great pictures and shoot some nice video during the 35 minutes I spent watching...As I photographed the light came out from behind the clouds and made some great backlit images. Turned out to be a nice day after all!

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