Light, Color and Composition: Tips to Improve your Photographs! - The Webinar! Oct 24, 2020

Light, Color and Composition: Tips to Improve your Photographs!  - The Webinar!

Saturday October 24, 2020   10:30 – 12 Pacific/ 1:30 – 3 Eastern


Photography is not rocket science. As a photographic artist, your goal is to convey your emotions and responses to what you are photographing. An adherence to the principles of Light, Color and Composition will elevate your images from snapshots, or records of a scene, to emotional, powerful, and artistic interpretations of your reactions to a scene.

Whether you photograph with a cell phone, a mirrorless camera or a dSLR, if you follow the techniques discussed your images will improve.

Lewis will discuss how to:

• Compose more varied and effective images

• Expand your ability to "see" images

• Learn how to think about the direction and characteristics of light

• Use color just as you can use lines, shape and form enhance your compositions

• Grasp the concept of the color wheel and how to use color relationships deliberately to build vibrant images

• Give a distinctive feel to your images based on Cool tones with a Warm Accent; Warm tones with Cool Accent; Pastels, Saturated Color; Monochromatic Color, and the paradoxical No, Color, Color

• Master composition fundamentals including the Rule of Thirds, Leading Lines, Repeated Patterns, Horizontal vs Vertical, Horizon placement, S Curve, Symmetry and Vanishing Point

• Simplify your images and emphasize the important elements of the composition


During this approximately 90-minute webinar, Lewis will demonstrate and illustrate the techniques mentioned above and allow time for Q&A.

No matter how long you have been taking pictures, there will be information here that will help you improve your images.

The presentation will be recorded and you will have unlimited access to view the presentation, so even if you can’t make this time frame, you can still watch!

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LEWIS KEMPER is widely recognized as a photographer, writer, and instructor, lecturing throughout the United States. To learn more, click here.



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