Great Blue Heron in Mist, American River, Sacramento, CA 2020 Holiday Print Offer

Great Blue Heron in Mist, American River, Sacramento, CA - Winter is my favorite time on the river. I love the cold mornings, when the mist rises from the river and creates an atmosphere of mystery. This was one of the first cold days of the year, and I was anxious to get to the river. This time of year, I wear lots of cloths to keep warm.  It is not easy handling multiple cameras in the kayak, I have one camera with the long lens around my neck and the second camera with a wide angle on my lap. Add 2 layers of gloves to the mix and it can get tricky operating the cameras and making sure all the equipment stays in the boat! This heron was not particularly cooperative.  Its beak was usually facing me, and the bird looks best in profile.  I sat and watched and photographed this bird for over 40 minutes. Just as the sun rose over the trees and painted the mist with golden light, it turned and gave me this profile. I took a few frames and then went exploring down the river.

heron in mist.jpg


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