Cabin and Stars, Mono Lake Basin, CA 2020 Holiday Print Offer

Cabin and Stars, Mono Lake Basin, CA - The pandemic was getting to me. I hadn’t left Sacramento since March, having had to cancel all my workshops and speaking engagements, and 90 percent of that time I was in the house, or on the river. I needed a change of scenery. Autumn color was supposed to be nice in the Sierra Nevada range, so I decided to go camping in my car and photograph autumn color. When I got to the area, I had planned to photograph, the wildfire smoke was so bad, I kept driving. I ended up at Mono Lake. I had a friend that was in the area that was also camping in his vehicle, so I called him and we social distanced when picture taking together. We explored parts of the lake I had never been to, which is saying a lot, since I have been going to Mono Lake for over 40 years!  I was able to explore a bit deeper than my friend, since I have 4-wheel drive and he doesn’t. I found this cabin while exploring some dirt roads below Conway summit. I decided I was going to come back and spend the night since I want to light paint the cabin under the stars.  My friend, Gary, tried to join me but his car couldn’t make it. So, I went back and made my images and spent the night sleeping in my Suburban at the location I made this image. It was kind of creepy and I heard creaking and rattling noises all night even though there was no wind!



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