Sea Lion Spectacular!

This morning I got to hang out with a pair of sea lions, on the American River...I approached the river around 7:30 this morning and was headed to an area west and down river of my usual spot when I heard the barking of sea lions coming from just up river...

I spotted the sea lions in the main channel, they were working their way down stream and I followed...Since the river is high, the current is strong, and it was difficult to try and stay a safe distance from the sea lions without getting carried down river and towards them.  It required a lot of back paddling and making small circles to double back.  It was really hard to photograph under these conditions...Read more and see all the pictures.

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The Grand Scene

Today I thought I would share four views of what the landscape of wildflowers looked like...I was photographing using small apertures to insure I had enough depth of field in the pictures. Since the aperture was so small and the ISO was set to 100, I was using shutter speeds in the range of 1/10 to 1/60 sec., which meant my camera needed to steady. I made these images mounting my camera on...

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Erodium botrys, Amador County, California

When I photograph wildflowers, I am not usually trying to make a literal recording of the plant, but a more artistic interpretation of spring and the feeling of being among the flowers. In this image I like...

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Picture of the Day 4/11/18

It gets difficult to isolate a single flower amongst a field of flowers. It required lots of looking and maneuvering on the narrow ledge I was perched on. ...

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