More streaming clouds

In the last batch of “streaming cloud” images the everyone seemed to prefer the B&W versions to the color versions and I tend to agree.  I have found since most of these images are taken mid-day, unless there is a strong color foreground element, the B&W’s work better...

This time when I converted them I found in this first image, the color image evoked a more calming and soothing feeling then the B&W conversion, which is more ominous. What do you think?

Here are those images and several others. I am showing both the color versions and the B&W’s so you can think about how this may apply to your own images.

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Good Streaking Clouds

Whenever we get good puffy clouds here in Sacramento, I try to get down to the river and do some long exposures. We had good clouds on Friday.

I processed both image in color and in Black and White. On image #1, I prefer the black and white, but on image #2, I am not sure which I like better.  Which do you prefer?

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“Every Horse Deserves To Be Loved By A Little Girl At Least Once In Their Life” unknown

I actually think the above quote goes both ways,  “Every girl deserves to be loved by a horse at least once in their life.”  Because with these two, I can see the bond goes both ways.

I have had more time to do a few more conversions of my images of Tori and Renegade. These were made on my fourth and final session of the horses on the beach during the Florida’s Birding and Photo Fest...

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Making Dreams Come True

I visualized an image with a total streaked background of the panning motion and a relatively sharp image of the horse and rider. I could never obtain that image in camera despite all my attempts, so I decided to create the image in post processing. Here is the image I wanted...See the video tutorial on how I created the image.

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