River Otters, 10/14/20, American River, Sacramento, CA

I spent several hours following these otters around this morning. The video was made on the American River in Sacramento, CA. Whenever the otters are on the move, I find it is better to shoot video than stills. It is always a challenge shooting video from the kayak with the Nikon D850. It is awkward to hold the camera with the Tamron 150-600mm G2 lens and use the Live View to start with. Then the Nikon autofocus system in video mode is mediocre at best, so that makes it even more of a challenge. Today I had to fight the winds that picked up. It is difficult to hold the camera steady, focus and try to follow the otters when the wind blows the kayak at all different angles. But I hope you enjoy it, I always enjoy the time I get to spend with the otters.

You will notice at one point a Great Egret comes into the scene.  The egrets like to follow the otters around because the otters stir up the small fish and the egrets are hoping to get an easy meal.  But you will notice the egret is wary of the otters and won’t get too close!

The video is uploaded in 4K, so if you have a monitor capable make sure you play it back as big as you can!