The Colors of Sunrise

I love watching the progression of color during sunrise and sunset.

Sunday morning I was quite surprised when I went down to the river and it was 2 feet higher than it was Saturday afternoon. Overnight the dam managers raised the water from 6930 cfs (cubic feet per second) to 8, 506 cfs, that is an increase of almost 2,000 cfs, which is a lot considering last Saturday the flow was only 1,190 cfs.  That means almost 8 times as much water is flowing down the river this weekend as last weekend!

Instead of my “normal” sunrise location I was forced to stand about 10 yards back, which drastically changes my view in both directions on the river. When I first approached the river the sky contained some nice pink clouds. I walked around quickly trying to find a good vantage point and was able to get this image.


7:09 AM - 3 exposures for HDR; f/11; ISO 100; 16mm

Wearing knee high rubber boots, I was able to walk out a bit and find a place to set my tripod in the water that was not too deep. Just 3 minutes later the pink was fading fast.

4010-180325-_DWA4778-PMP.jpg7:12 AM - 3 exposures for HDR; f/11; ISO 100; 15mm


Two minutes later, the pinks had all turned to golds.

4010-180325-_DWA4787-PMP.jpg7:14 AM - 3 exposures for HDR; f/11; ISO 100; 15mm


I waited 12 minutes until the sun began to peak over the trees, causing a starburst, and made this final image as most of the color was gone from the clouds.

4010-180325-_DWA4817-PMP.jpg7:26 AM  - 3 exposures for HDR; f/14; ISO 100; 15mm


It was a nice way to start a day!