True Love

It is really something to see the special bond with a person and an animal, especially the bond between a girl and her horse. Tori and Renegade are the perfect example of “True Love.” Once again I had the privilege of witnessing that bond and capturing it to share with others. Thanks again Tori!...Here are five images, let me know which is your favorite.

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They have birds too!

Did I mention that there are birds to photograph at the Florida Birding and Photo Fest as well! ...

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Cowgirl Portraits

Today I thought I would post a few of the portraits or more intimate images of the riders and their horses. This is my second year photographing the same model/riders and it has been fun getting to know them and watching the young girls grow up...

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Scouting Trip

This morning I went on a scouting trip, looking for an area to do a sunrise shoot if I get invited back to the Florida Birding and Photo Fest.The director of the program Erin Masters told me about a location about a few miles south of the beach where they do the horse shoots. I took off at 5:30 am in total darkness and arrived at the location a few minutes after 6. The light was just starting to appear on the eastern horizon...

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I try real hard to get starbursts in my backlit images, whether they be landscapes or horses on the beach. It is really not that difficult to do with landscapes, just set the lens to a small aperture and aim into the sun...It gets a little trickier with horses running on the beach, because I have no control over the position of my subject...

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Horses on the Beach - Day 1

I took over 3000 images this morning!  Even I didn’t have the patience to look at them all.  After the first 2000 I was getting bleary eyed.  So in the grid mode of Lightroom I picked out several that I wanted to share...

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The Remaining 5 Amador County Poppy Images

.... I tried several techniques including isolating individual flowers; shooting through flowers to make soft blurs; over exposing to create pastels and more.  It was a fun hour! Let me know which is your favorite.

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Sea Lion Spectacular!

This morning I got to hang out with a pair of sea lions, on the American River...I approached the river around 7:30 this morning and was headed to an area west and down river of my usual spot when I heard the barking of sea lions coming from just up river...

I spotted the sea lions in the main channel, they were working their way down stream and I followed...Since the river is high, the current is strong, and it was difficult to try and stay a safe distance from the sea lions without getting carried down river and towards them.  It required a lot of back paddling and making small circles to double back.  It was really hard to photograph under these conditions...Read more and see all the pictures.

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The Grand Scene

Today I thought I would share four views of what the landscape of wildflowers looked like...I was photographing using small apertures to insure I had enough depth of field in the pictures. Since the aperture was so small and the ISO was set to 100, I was using shutter speeds in the range of 1/10 to 1/60 sec., which meant my camera needed to steady. I made these images mounting my camera on...

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Erodium botrys, Amador County, California

When I photograph wildflowers, I am not usually trying to make a literal recording of the plant, but a more artistic interpretation of spring and the feeling of being among the flowers. In this image I like...

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