The Photographer's Toolbox for Photoshop® Set #1 Disc 3 - Increasing the Dynamic Range (Photoshop training DVD)

All discs upated for CS6!

Ever since the beginning of photography photographers have been fighting the battle of dynamic range, the ability to capture the full range of contrast from dark shadows to bright highlights in an image. In this DVD, Lewis Kemper will show you six different methods for increasing the dynamic range of your images.

These techniques range include: double processing raw files to get the greatest tonal range; combing two separate exposure using layer masks, creating digital neutral density filters; creating density masks for complicated selections, using Shadow/Highlight (including Smart Objects) and HDR (high dynamic range imagery). HDR is presented in both Photoshop and Photomatix Pro.

Lewis will walk you through all the steps necessary to use all of these techniques in a methodical easy to understand process. After watching this DVD you will no longer fear high contrast situations!

Lewis Kemper has been teaching photographers how to use Photoshop® for over 10 years. In “The Photographer’s Toolbox for Photoshop®” disc series, Lewis shares his tried and true techniques for making Photoshop® easy, fast and flexible.

He has been teaching his “Photographer’s Toolbox for Photoshop®” series of classes all around the country including Palm Beach Photographic Centre, Santa Fe Workshops, and Now you have the opportunity to watch and learn as Lewis shares his trusted techniques and personal teaching style.

There are over 90 minutes of movies presented in an easy to understand format. Compatible with Mac and Windows computers.


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