Summer Approaching

Hi Everybody,


I have a few learning opportunities to share along with a Lightroom tip and some new images.


Launching my “Cohort” at the Arcanum

I am about to launch unique class on the Arcanum teaching platform on Monday. And I am really excited! I am giving you all an advanced notice.

Please check out The Arcanum at The Arcanum is a community based mentor/apprenticeship learning platform, started by Trey Ratcliff of,  “Stuck in Customs” fame, that is goal oriented and not curriculum centric, so that the learning experienced gets tailored to helping you achieve your photographic goals through individual and group challenges.  Naturally my group will be geared toward landscape, nature and wildlife photography. So if you want a challenge or just need some motivation to push your photography and want to learn from me, and a community of your peers, then this is the place for you!

If you are interested you need to do two things.  You need to go and apply (please do a thorough job on the application) and then you need to email or message me and let me know you have filled out the application. I will read your application and if I think you will be a good fit for the community I am building you will receive an invitation to join. I am only taking 20 applicants and there is already a waiting list of hundreds at the Arcanum for me to choose from, but I wanted to give you, the people that follow me, a head start!  I hope you decide to join me for this fantastic learning opportunity!


Montana Autumn Wildlife


And speaking of learning opportunities, have you ever wanted to photograph a mountain lion, or a wolf, bobcat or tiger? Do you want to practice your wildlife photography skills with a professional photographer at your side to help and assist you? Do you want to learn simple, yet very effective post processing techniques to turn your ordinary images to extraordinary images? If so then join me at the Triple D Game Farm in Montana this October an autumn wildlife extravaganza!


Lightroom 6/CC Tip

If you are tired of seeing the dialog box for HDR or Merge to Panorama come up every time you want to create a HDR or panoramic image then hold the SHIFT key when choosing them from the menu Photo>Photo Merge. When you do that the process just starts with the default settings, which are the settings you use 99% of the time!


And a few recent images from the American River

Watch the trailer for my American River DVD here.


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