One More Space!

Can you believe it – ONLY ONE MORE SPACE! 


One more space left in “Bears, Bears and Bears, Oh My 2016” and it is for a single woman to share a room.  You better grab it now or my sister will be coming back for a repeat… it’s that fabulous of an experience!


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Major Announcement


On another note…


You’ve seen the pictures, liked them on facebook, oh’d and ah’d about them via email, facebook and twitter… and now… drum roll…..


Capturing the Light digital ebook is here!  Instead of looking at my book on your cocktail table it’s now available in digital – ebook – pdf format for your smart phone, tablet, or computer! 

The book contains 68 images, plus 4 pages, with technical information on each image. The images are interlaced with thoughtful quotes about Light


This extraordinary combination of sunrises, sunsets, intimate details and broad landscapes is a crowd pleaser cocktail table book and is now available for your smart phone, tablet or computer.


Give yourself a gift or gift it to someone else… you know the holidays are only 4 months away.


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Don’t miss the opportunity of a lifetime.


The Perseid Meteor shower is this Tuesday and Wednesday nights.


It will be especially good this year because of the phase of the moon that guarantees dark skies. If your viewing condition are prime you can expect to see 90 meteors and hour!

Gather up this equipment:

  • Steady tripod
  • Cable release



My Top 10 photographing tips for the Perseid Meteor Shower:


1. Aim your camera with a fairly wide angle lens towards the Northeast. 


2. Set your focus before it gets dark


3. Before the big meteor shower focus on some distant mountain or subject that is very far away earlier in the day and mark the point on your lens with either tape or a pencil mark.  You can’t trust the infinity marker on the lens to be accurate.


4. Tape your lens so the focus can’t shift


5. Once you have a focus try these settings as a starting point ISO 3200; 25 sec; f/2.8.


6. Remember to check your LCD and bracket if needed.  If your image is too light or too dark, half or double your shutter speed to make a one-stop change. 


7. Experiment!   In fact, practice tonight, or use Tuesday as a practice night and repeat on Wednesday!  Keep track of what you are doing.


8. Start with a white balance setting of 3000K.  If your images are too blue, move it up in temperature, if they are too brown, move it down! 


9. Any shutter speed over 30 second will give you star trails.  The longer you keep the shutter open, the longer the trails.


10. Keeping the shutter open a long time on a digital camera will produce noise.


And one more tip ….Be as far from city lights as possible! 



If you want to create star trails – stack images made with shorter durations, moments apart in Photoshop or other software.


The image below is made of 270 individual 30 sec exposures blended together.



Have fun and let me know how you did!


Keep taking great photos,