Meteor Shower Results

Thanks! So many of you shared your experiences photographing the meteor shower and asked about more information about mine.

Two friends and myself kayak/canoe camped at Loon Lake near Lake Tahoe. The weather was great with fairly dark skies.

For two nights I photographed, trying different things each night. The meteors didn’t disappoint – there were at least 50 an hour on Wednesday night/Thursday morning.

It was tough staying awake for so long, especially lying in the sleeping bag on the open granite watching the meteor show.  I have to admit, I dozed off a few times!

I thought it would be cool to do a time lapse, and set a camera taking a picture once a minute for almost 3 hours (battery ran out, lesson learned!).  Each picture was a 30 second exposure, so the camera was exposing for 30 seconds, the shutter closed for 30 seconds and the process repeated 174 times! 

Those images were images loaded into Quicktime 7 Pro to render the timelapse at 12 fps (frames per second) to make the time lapse you can see here.




You can use the same images to create star trails by stacking the images into layers in Photoshop and setting the blend modes of all the layers to “Lighten,” as seen in this image.



The  Milky Way was really in it’s glory and was the subject of many photos, always looking for new foregrounds to use. One of my favorites is this vertical image where the Milky Way appears to explode, giving the illusion of a flaming tree!


The Milky Way also became the backdrop for a picture of my illuminated tent, and one where I light painted my kayak using the iPhone!



Both images, the star trails and the flaming tree image were posted to several groups on Facebook and they have generated tons of interest and print sales! So that has inspired me to give you something special! 

In the spirit of Ansel Adams I am going to issue two “Special Edition” prints. Ansel picked some of his favorite images and made them available as Special Edition Prints at a fraction of the cost of a Fine Print. When I worked at the Ansel Adams Gallery we would sell hundreds of these prints a summer, giving everyone a chance to afford an Ansel Adams print. With that in mind, now for a fraction of the cost of one of my “Fine Prints” you can have one, or both of these conversation starters hanging on your wall. 

Enhance your home or office, delight your guests and smile daily at the beauty of the night sky!


Here is what you own with this Special Edition Print:

Star Trails, Perseids Meteor Shower, Loon Lake, CA 9” x 6”


Milky Way and Trees, Loon Lake, CA 6” x 9”


Limited Edition of 50 Special Edition Prints

*  Printed on 8.5” x 11” Canon RC Photo Luster paper

*  Digitally signed and numbered

*  Unmounted


Your Special Edition Print fee is only $50 plus shipping USPS. This is a 75% savings over my smallest Fine Print price!


Here is what they will look like.






Enhance your home and delight your guests.  Here is a sample of comments on these images from Facebook:


Don J – Awesome

Anna M - Incredible picture

Helen J - don't know how you did it but I am glad you did.

Linda O - Beautiful image Lewis!

Ali C - let me know if you make the star trails shot available? It's fantastic!


Of course larger sized, Fine Prints that are hand signed and matted to archival standards are available. Email me directly for your custom order at


Get yours now!


For Star Trails over Loon Lake, CA click here.


For Milky Way and Trees, Loon Lake, CA click here.


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Keep on taking great pictures,