Happy Halloween!


Just a few quick items to share before the trick or treaters arrive!

Don’t forget – when you change your clocks this weekend to set the correct time in your cameras as well!

Last week’s photo adventure was in Lake Tahoe to photograph bears, But dang, the bears hadn’t shown up yet because the salmon were not prevalent in the creek.

So each day I would go down the creek towards the lake to look for fish. Lo and behold on Tuesday, (my last day) the fish appeared and were all lined up to make their journey upstream.

It was an irresistible sight and the fish won over the non-existent bears. I began standing back with a long lens and ended up close with a wide-angle lens, which provided a perspective from the fish’s point of view.


It just goes to show you have to be flexible and think outside the box if you want to get something different.

Back on the American River, here in Sacramento last Saturday was great, starting with an amazing sunrise and ending with a close encounter with a feeding otter!



I am off to South Florida to teach a class, “Create Stunning Nature Images: Everglades Photography” for the Palm Beach Photographic Centre Nov 16- 18 (being repeated Jan 15-17, 2016). There is still space available if you want to join me.  Click here for more info.

If you are unable to make those, I’ll be back in March 2016 with these two classes:

Birds of South Florida: take your wildlife images to the next level – March 11-13

Light, Color and Composition – March 15-17

Now if you’re seeking an adventure of a lifetime, join me in India for Photographer’s India: Land of the Tiger April 11-22, 2016


Have a safe Halloween and keep on making great images,