Greetings from Lewis Kemper - March Newsletter

Spring is in the air here in California, although I know parts of the country are still steeped in winter! Hopefully that will be over soon. This weekend marks the start of Daylight Savings Time – Don’t forget to change the time on your cameras as well!

My next two webinars are March 10th - Lightroom Track: Using the Local Adjustment Tools to take your images beyond ordinary: and March 17th - Photoshop Track: Taking the mystery out of Layers, Adjustment Layers and Layer Masks. You can get more info here.

As you know from previous newsletters, I have been photographing and documenting a section of the American River by my home. During this time I have taken still photos, video and aerial images using my DJI Phantom quadcopter. I have also been keeping a journal about my experiences on the river. My original plan (and I may get there yet) was to create a book on the project. But the more work I did, the more I realized a book would not be able to show the video and give you the real experience I was having. So I totally reworked my previous presentation, and have created an hour-long photo documentary project, incorporating my writings, pictures and videos put to music to make a fully immersive experience. I feel it is the best work I have done in my career. The presentation, "My Stretch of the River: A Photographer's Journal", last approximately one hour and is available for either rental (a 48 hour period) for $5.95 or for purchase as a stream or download for $19.95. I hope to have Blu Ray discs available in 2-3 weeks. You can rent/buy or just view the trailer here. I do hope you check it out, I am very proud of this work!

And one more thing (to steal a line from Steve Jobs), I had to postpone my class at Palm Beach Photographic Centre, Create Stunning Nature Images / Everglades Photography, until April 13th which means you still have time to sign up! For info click here.

I hope the upcoming spring is good to you all.


Take care and be well,