Autumn Wildlife and expert processing techniques!

Do you spend too much time working on your images? Do you want to speed up your workflow? Do you like to take wildlife images? If so then this workshop is perfect for you!  Join me in Montana at the Triple D Game Farm from October 2 -5 for a great time and great learning experience. During the class we will be photographing eight species of animals from a list that includes: wolves, mountain lion, tiger, bobcat, lynx, badger, fox, coyote, porcupine, black and brown bear. Lewis will work with Triple to pick a great selection of wildlife to give us a great photographic experience. There are three days of shooting involved. We have scheduled a fourth, weather day in case it is needed to accomplish our goal.

Besides our time photographing the wildlife, we will have use of Triple D’s classroom where I will demonstrate the processing techniques I uses to take ordinary images to the extraordinary.  I believe that you shouldn’t need to spend more than 3-5 minutes to take a good image and make it great and I will show you how I do this using primarily Lightroom/Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop. I promise you will learn techniques to improve your workflow and transform you images to a new level.

Enjoy all of this along with autumn color and you will come away with images that will your friends will envy! For more info click here.

And don't forget to check out my new video "My Stretch of the River: A Photographer's Journal"


Take care,