San Francisco Night - Holiday Lights!


San Francisco Night – Holiday Lights!
December 6, 2014
4PM – 9 PM or so!
The city of San Francisco goes all out and lights up the buildings on the waterfront every year for the Holiday Season. It is a photographer’s paradise, making for some wonderful night photo opportunities.  Join Lewis Kemper  for this exciting foray into the night!
Have you always wanted to night photography of San Francisco but didn’t want to go out at night with your gear alone? Not sure where to go? Are you unsure how to expose for the night? Are you curious about how to shoot for panoramas or multiple exposures? Do you have an interest in HDR? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this is the workshop for you!
Lewis will guide you to two locations to best capture the holiday lights of San Francisco as well as the new Bay Bridge.  We will meet on Treasure Island where we have great views of the city at sunset, twilight and then darkness, as well as great views of the Bay Bridge. After a quick bite of dinner, we will travel across the Bay Bridge to downtown San Francisco and Pier 14.  Lewis will assist you with any shooting questions you have and talk about various techniques including: How to shoot for panoramas, creating motion with zoom, shooting for HDR, taking long exposures with added neutral density, in camera multiple exposures, and the proper white balance, to name a few.
Each participant must bring a DSLR, Mirrorless or Micro Four Thirds camera capable of longer exposures, a sturdy tripod and an electronic cable release. Also recommended is a bubble level ( I like these:  I usually buy 2-3 in case I lose one! Optional gear would include a neutral density filter if you want to take long exposures.
We will meet at 4 PM on Treasure Island (I will provide a map of the meeting place). We will photograph sunset and dusk and night as the lights come on in the city. From here we also have the opportunity to photograph both the new and old sections of the Bay Bridge. We will work on panoramas, zooming, HDR and more! After dinner, we will move to Pier 14 and photograph some of the building up close for a new perspective. We should be ending around 9 PM or so.
Limit: Limited to 8 photographers.
Fee: $175 to sign up click link below.


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