Expanding Your Creativity; Mono Lake, CA - Workshop

Expanding Your Creativity at Mono Lake

October 23-27, 2017

Instructor: Lewis Kemper

Lee Vining, California


“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.” Scott Adams

Mono Lake and the Eastern Sierra offer some of the best nature photography in North America. The Mono Lake Basin offers a diversity of landscapes unlike any other in the country. Spend from Monday afternoon through Friday’s sunrise with Lewis Kemper, as we work on creative techniques to take your photography to the next level. Lewis will talk about night photography, long exposure photography, HDR, panoramas, creative composition and the use of color in your images.

This is class is for those that want to create more creative images of the natural landscape. It is a class for night owls!  We will start on Monday with an orientation and a presentation on night photography covering subjects such as equipment, how to properly focus, set your white balance, the use of HDR to capture the full range of the scene, zooming for effect, shooting stars, cityscapes and more. Then we will head out to the South Tufas for sunset and head back into town for dinner.  After dinner we venture out again for our first night photo shoot. Working on images of the stars and Milky Way over the tufa towers. Lewis is will help you with setup and shooting techniques as well as assist in light painting the foregrounds. Fortunately the days are short in October, and we should be snuggled into bed before midnight.

Tuesday morning we will sleep in have an after breakfast presentation on Long Exposure Creativity and Time/Motion Studies detailing the use of strong neutral density filters to make long exposures in bright sunlight. As well as a discussion about creating time lapse sequences both in camera and with external processing, as well as using apps such as Plotagraph to create motion in single exposures. Then after lunch we will head out into the field to practice these techniques. Our last photo session of the day will a sunset, location will be decided by weather conditions. And hopefully you will be able to get to bed early tonight.

Because Wednesday morning (or middle of the night depending on your perspective!), we will head out around 4 AM to shoot stars and then sunrise. After breakfast you’ll have time to rest and catch a few hours of sleep before we meet in the afternoon for a presentation, “Into the Eye of the Sun; Realistic HDR Images”. After the presentation we will once again photograph sunset before calling it a day.

Thursday morning starts with another sunrise session heading out around 6 AM followed by breakfast and rest. After an early lunch Lewis will do his last presentation,  “Using the Local Adjustment Tools to take your images from the Ordinary to the Extraordinary”.  And then once again we will head out for a sunset session, dinner and our last star session with the foregrounds lit by the moon.

Friday morning starts with a sunrise session and our farewell breakfast, ending the workshop.

Fee: for the workshop is $675 by check (sent to Lewis Kemper 800 Saverien Dr Sacramento, CA 95864) or $700 by credit card by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.

Lodging suggestions: I will be staying at Murphy’s Motel 800- 334-6316 and I also recommend the Lake View Lodge (800) 990-6614 Lodging should be from Monday evening the 23th checking out on Friday the 27nd. There are also many camping opportunities in the area.

Registration: Click on this link to download the info packet and the registration and liablity forms. 

Suggested Equipment:

dSLR or mirrorless camera


Cable release or bulb timer/intervalometer built in

Neutral Density filters – Required if you want to work on long exposures during the day - either a variable ND or a 10 or 15 stop ND; I recommend either Haida; Singh-Ray; Lee; Tiffen or Hoya

Laptop computer for processing images

Lightroom or Photoshop


LEWIS KEMPER is widely recognized as a photographer, writer, and instructor, lecturing throughout the United States. He currently is a Contributing Editor to Outdoor Photographer. He was the photographer for, “Ancient Ancestors of the Southwest”, published by Graphic Arts Center Publishing. Kemper’s monograph, “Capturing the Light” won the People’s Choice Awards in Fine Art in the 2009 Photography.Book.Now competition. His publication “Photographing Yosemite Digital Field Guide” was voted in the top 20 field guides. Lewis’ DVD, “My Stretch of the River: A Photographer’s Journal”, features a years worth of photography and journal entries on the American River in Sacramento, CA.  His latest publications are photo guide apps, “Yosemite National Park SNAPPGuide” and “Yellowstone National Park SNAPPGuide”.

Price: $700.00