Autumn Wildlife


Triple D Game Farm, Kalispell, MT
October 2-5, 2015
Cost: $1450 - includes photographing 8 species with trainers, in field and in class photographic instruction, and all gratuities to the staff.
In 1989 I led the first workshop to a game farm in the United States! I met Jay Deist of Triple Game Farm the year before, when I went to visit his game farm for an article I was writing for Outdoor Photographer. While there for the article, we came up with the concept of leading a group of people to have the experience of photographing wildlife in natural settings under controlled conditions. This ended up leading to many people copying the idea at Triple D Game Farm as well as other game farms around the country. I have been leading trips to Triple D for 25 years and it has always been a wonderful experience!
Photographing at a game farm gives you not only the opportunity to get great photographs that would take years of work and cause undo hardship on wild animals, but it also gives you the chance to refine your wildlife photography skills by practicing various techniques that you can carry over into the field. The animals are captive, but they are still wild and behave in the same manner as a wild animal. The advantage is we get to have them posing in the areas we want and the poses are usually repeatable!
Practice your panning techniques, try different lenses, experiment with manual exposure and different shutter speeds all with the help of a professional photographer and your skills will grow by leaps and bounds as you create amazing images to add to your photographic library. You will have the chance to get behavior images, portraits and depending on the animals, running and jumping images as well.
Besides just receiving tips and techniques from Lewis in the field you will also experience his renowned teaching skills in the classroom where he will discuss the digital workflow, processing your raw images, mastering creative processing techniques to bring out the most in your images and more! Lewis is well known for his skill presenting both Lightroom and Photoshop as well as helping people with the their photographic technique and composition.

During the class we will be photographing eight species of animals from a list that includes: wolves, mountain lion. tiger, bobcat, lynx, badger, fox, coyote, porcupine, black and brown bear. Lewis will work with Triple D to pick a great selection of wildlife to give us a great photographic experience. There are three days of shooting involved. We have scheduled a fourth, weather day in case it is needed to accomplish our goal. If we do not need the weather day, you will have the option of choosing additional species at a cost of $150 an animal per person if you choose to do so.

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